FAQ Process

Feel Free To Call Us To Discuss Your Project Needs

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You can be as much a part of the process or as little as you choose. The objective is to have a design that you feel reflects your need. We will walk you through each step to help create the outcome you desire.

Follow the easy steps below.

How to Create Your Custom Design

#1 – Understand Your Individual Needs
Every project starts with a consultation to learn about you, your needs, interests, unique style and project desire. This is achieved in person, via phone or Skype. We discover details that are important to you, uncover your needs and better understand how we can truly create your own signature design.

Ideas are limitless and the conversation helps to define the direction to develop your one-of-a-kind style.

#2 – Agree on the General Details
Once we have an understanding of your general design, we price the project. We provide a Service Agreement for your review, and sign. You return a signed copy of the Service Agreement to Couture Envelopes along with a deposit. Once received, we officially begin the design process.

#3 – Design Your Custom Project
We begin styling based our conversations. You provide us with the photos, artwork, wording, ideas and the overall layout you want included in your special design. We provide a proof. You provide feedback and identify changes.

#4 Approval Before Printing
We will send you a digital proof, usually via e-mail. You will review and confirm that each detail is perfect: design, layout, artwork, wording, spelling, etc. You e-mail approval of the proof. You understand that once you approve the final proof, Couture Envelopes and its representatives are not responsible for any future changes or errors.

#5 – Print
After we receive confirmation of your approval, we print your project.

#6 – Shipment
When completed, we ship your project.